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The page has finally been updated! YAY! Now it looks even better than before, and it's only missing one thing now.... People. Razz

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Welcome to Try again

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1Welcome to Try again Empty Welcome to Try again on Fri May 20, 2011 8:45 am


Old stuff

Try again is a FPS made in a small always changing team mainly made by me but i get models coming every now and then. It has no story yet and has gone through many different time zones. Try again is praticly a series of different wars/events in time where the objective is to kill all that gets in the way of the core. the core is a modifyer that brings new things into the world making the job harder. when the core has been drained of all its power (you get teleported to a new place or time when the core is touched) world peace shall come. Theres more for me to explain but ill fit that in when i get a story into the alphas

Old VERY out dated alphas (unity)

verion 0.0001: mediafire.com file/arqjyjtvaosft9a/fpsBETA%20%5B3.0%5D.zip

verion 0.0034: mediafire.com file/22pcq2fu9nkvp66/FPSbeta%28updated%29.zip

verion 0.0736: mediafire.com file/69628xi57md8dwu/FPS_BETA%5Bv.0056%5D.zip

Latest betas (unity)

Shooting range test (USE E TO PICK UP WEPS!!) : mediafire.com file/ngadlhcagrbq9k3/FPS%20Beta%20shooting%20range.zip

UDK betas coming soon ENJOY!!!

Edit: i think i sould have this as my theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5Ziw09s1Jk


Alot of things have changed, and major upgrades are happening Very Happy
i don't want to spoil to much so the only thing I can give you is the main menu xD

Menu download: mediafire.com ?5nryu6v6u69u435

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